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Here's what people are saying who came on previous Cathar Retreats

"This well researched, carefully thought out and delivered course provided

nourishment for soul, mind and heart. The participatory approach harvested

experiences and insights from learners that enriched the programme further. Nature is very strong in that region; it embraced and nurtured us all in its beauty and serenity and provided a suitable context for a learning and human experience to cherish."

Jacques Rangasamy MBE

"David Lorimer has the exceptional gift of synthesizing his breathtaking erudition with focused practicality. This week he navigated us through morning exercises to late at night discussions and a great deal of fun and focused thinking. The dawn sunlight to the roaring fireside each evening. So often we are able to hear inspiring lectures, but David’s rare gift planted the seeds of aspiration. i.e. To go home and get on with the things we felt mattered and were important.... With the background of a definition of spirituality meaning doing work that has meaning in our lives and in the community."

Claire Hershman, Psychotherapist

"I was struck by the very presence of Joey (Marianne and David’s dog from the moment I clapped eyes on him. Joey simply exudes such joy and awareness of being in the NOW and also in his purposeful doing in “going places” or even robust and fulsome play. And no doubt he is full of unconditional love and a need for inclusion. He is a living example to us all?"

Drew Pryde, Chair, Scottish Institute of Business Leaders

"The week facilitated by David Lorimer and Marianne van Mierlo provided an oasis of space and time within which I rediscovered my inner being, that central core of me which connects the 5 year-old to the adolescent and to the now mature woman.  The careful planning of the course allowed each one of us to take stock of our lives, remembering and making sense of the past and shaping it into a future of growing wisdom. The main message for me was to grasp the here and now and not live in the illusory "ad interim". Finally, thanks to our course companions who provided the loving support and shared insights."

Ghislaine Young 

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